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Living creatures (creatures of life) are divided into two groups:

  • Rational humans that think objectively.
  • Irrational animals.

(So are creatures of death.)

Objectivity is the ability to observe without fear that what one might see might contradict some belief that one has. All such fears are irrational. Irrational fears can be eliminated by proper mental hygiene. See Who you really are.

It is often said that you see what you want to see and indeed we often do see the light we project reflected back at us. If we look for a beautiful lady in the image to the right then we see that but if we look for an old hag then we see that too.

We see what we want to see and if we truly want to see what the facts say if they are allowed to speak for themselves then we will see that too. The desire or at least the willingness to let the facts speak for themselves is called objectivity. Objectivity is what separates humans from the animals. It is objectivity that gives man his capacity for language.

Lying to others may sometimes be advantageous but lying to yourself is pointless.

The possibility of thinking objectively is something that has never even entered some peoples minds. (See Macho for some other examples of this phenomenon and how to fix it.) They think objective law means that if you break any law no matter how small then you burn in hell for eternity. In reality civilized law makes distinctions between small crimes and large crimes and the punishment isn't burning in hell. The punishment is you get disciplined. Discipline can and should be a pleasant experience