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The mass of an object never seems to change: a spinning top has the same weight as a still one. So a “law” was invented: mass is constant, independent of speed. That “law” is now found to be incorrect. Mass is found to increase with velocity.

Now, what should we teach first? Should we teach the correct but unfamiliar law with its strange and difficult conceptual ideas? Or should we first teach the simple “constant-mass” law, which is only approximate, but does not involve such difficult ideas?

This point arises again and again in teaching physics. At different times we shall have to resolve it in different ways.

Richard FeynmanThe Feynman Lectures on Physics

As Richard Feynman pointed out we can either strive to impart a strictly accurate but hideously complicated mathematical understanding of physics or we can try to impart an intuitive understanding of physics. It is impossible to do both. We will try to do the latter. Students that prefer the other approach might want to look elsewhere.

Unless otherwise stated any information or suggestions in these articles are solely the opinion of Tree of Knowledge Wiki and its editors and should not replace the advice of appropriate medical, legal, therapeutic, financial or other professionals. Every effort has been made to provide accurate information but some errors are inevitable.

Four value Bayesian logic

Classical logic is a two-valued logic meaning that any proposition is either true or false. But Bayesian logic works differently.

Not True True
Not false Unknown True
False False Paradox
No Belief Belief
No Disbelief Agnostic Belief
Disbelief Disbelief Confusion
No Hate Hate
No Love Stranger Enemy
Love Friend Fascism

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The best place to get books is a college bookstore. They are expensive but they are far better than what you find at a public library.

  • Thinking Physics Is Gedanken Physics
by Lewis Carroll Epstein
  • Understanding physics
by Isaac Asimov
  • NTC's dictionary of cultural code words
by De Mente
  • Hollywood Babylon
by Kenneth Anger
  • Big Book of Self-Reliant Living
by Walter Szykitka
by Edwin Abbott
by Tolstoy
by H.G. Wells
by Daniel Defoe
by George Orwell




Classical Hollywood cinema:

Years Title
(1948-1971) The Ed Sullivan Show
(1950-1958) The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show
(1950-1967) The Garry Moore Show
(1950-1965) The Jack Benny Show
(1952-1970) The Jackie Gleason Show
(1953-1964) The Danny Thomas Show
(1953-1971) The Loretta Young Show
(1956-1964) The Steve Allen Show
(1958-1966) The Donna Reed Show
(1960-1968) The Andy Griffith Show
(1961-1966) The Dick Van Dyke Show
(1962-1968) The Lucy Show
(1963–1966) The Patty Duke Show
(1965–1966) The John Forsythe Show
(1967-1978) The Carol Burnett Show
(1970-1977) The Mary Tyler Moore Show
(1972–1973) The Paul Lynde Show
(1972–1978) The Bob Newhart Show
(1975) The Bob Crane Show
(1984-1992) The Cosby Show
(1988) The Van Dyke Show
(1991–2003) The Jenny Jones Show
(1993–1996) The John Larroquette Show
(1994–1995) The George Carlin Show
(1995–1997) The Jeff Foxworthy Show
(1996–2001) The Jamie Foxx Show
(1996–2002) The Steve Harvey Show
(2001–2006) The Bernie Mac Show
(2007–2009) The Bill Engvall Show


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