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In a world full of wonders mankind has managed to invent boredom

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The mass of an object never seems to change: a spinning top has the same weight as a still one. So a “law” was invented: mass is constant, independent of speed. That “law” is now found to be incorrect. Mass is found to increase with velocity.

Now, what should we teach first? Should we teach the correct but unfamiliar law with its strange and difficult conceptual ideas? Or should we first teach the simple “constant-mass” law, which is only approximate, but does not involve such difficult ideas?

This point arises again and again in teaching physics. At different times we shall have to resolve it in different ways.

Richard FeynmanThe Feynman Lectures on Physics

As Richard Feynman pointed out we can either strive to impart a strictly accurate but hideously complicated mathematical understanding of physics or we can try to impart an intuitive understanding of physics. It is impossible to do both. We will try to do the latter. Students that prefer the other approach should look elsewhere.

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The goal is to

G ather
O rganize
A nalyze
L earn

Four value Bayesian logic

Classical logic is a two-valued logic meaning that any proposition is either true or false. But Bayesian logic works differently.

I do not expect
that it is True
I expect
that it is True
I do not expect
that it is false
I dont know True
I expect
that it is False
False I cant know
I do not Believe I Believe
I do not Disbelieve Agnostic Belief
I Disbelieve Disbelief Confusion
I do not Hate I Hate
I do not Love Stranger Enemy
I Love Friend Frenemy

Never believe anything

Sometimes you know that you know

Sometimes you know that you think

But you should never think that you know

You can win every battle and still lose the war

Victorian society: sex is dirty so let's not do it.
Modern society: sex is dirty so let's do it.

In 200 years we haven't learned a single thing. 200 years of rebelling against Victorian prudishness has accomplished exactly nothing.

Liberals rebel against Victorian rules and conservatives embrace them. Neither is right.

Humans vs animals

Objectivity is what separates humans from animals. Animals lack the capacity for objective reasoning. Animals think the universe revolves around their ego.

(Objectivity is not the same thing as responsibility)

Two main "lifestyles

The two main lifestyles are civilian and military which roughly parallels country versus city life.

  • Civilian: Work to live
  • Military: Live to work

The military lifestyle is an obsession with work and money. It is not a way of life. It is a way of death. It is an infectious disease that should be eradicated.

Objective laws

God exists God doesnt exist
Theism Civilization Objective laws exist
Dystheism Atheism Objective laws dont exist

A civilized society is a society whose laws do not favor any one person or any one group of people. The more a society treats everyone as equals the more civilized it is.

Some advice

You should seldom if ever offer negative advice.

There is a solution for every problem and shooting your mouth off is seldom the solution to anything. When things become intolerable just leave quietly without making a scene. Always behave as though you were the uninvited guest because it may well turn out that that is exactly what you are.

Never lend anything that you arent fully prepared to never see again. Never lend to friends.

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

People will lie to you with perfectly straight faces for no reason at all.

Smiles mean nothing. (If not less than nothing.)

Obey the rules. Obey the law. They will catch you. Even if you are sure that no one saw you and that there is no way they could know they will catch you.

If you want to know what is going on in the world then just follow the money. It's all about the money.

When you are a kid you think things will change but things don't change when you get older. The adult world is just as childish and idiotic as the childhood world. Maybe even more so. Adults just hide it better. Little criminals grow up to be big criminals. The world doesnt change. It is you that must change.

If you dont know whats going on or what to do dont just say "well I dont know what to do so I will just do the only thing I know how to do and hope that that is the right thing" because it wont be. If you dont know whats going on then figure out whats going on. If you dont know what to do then figure out what to do. Experiment.

There is no ideal job. After about 6 months every job just becomes work. The ideal job is any job that is well within your capabilities.

Above all else be happy. Always make your boss and those over you look good. Do NOT EVER make the great "gods" jealous. Dont be a fool. Choose "wisely".

Much of the world (if not the universe) is run by the mafia. Be careful who you piss off. And some people are very very easily pissed off.

Some people prefer to live like animals. You cant change them and you shouldnt try. Let people be what they are.

People arent the problem. Politicians are the problem.

Honor and nobility are luxuries that only the rich can afford.

if you want people to be comfortable around you then it is not enough to simply be a nice person. One must make a conscious effort to make people feel safe.


Fact checking

Equations and calculators


The best books are college textbooks. They are expensive but they are far better than what you find at a public library.

Used books:

  • Thinking Physics Is Gedanken Physics
by Lewis Carroll Epstein
  • Understanding physics
by Isaac Asimov
  • NTC's dictionary of cultural code words
by De Mente
  • Hollywood Babylon
by Kenneth Anger
  • Big Book of Self-Reliant Living
by Walter Szykitka
by Edwin Abbott
by Tolstoy
by H.G. Wells
by Daniel Defoe
by George Orwell

Schaums outlines

Amazon: Schaums outlines

Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables, (5th ed.)

Review of Elementary Mathematics, (2nd ed.)

Elementary Algebra, (3rd ed.)
Intermediate Algebra, (3rd ed.)
College Algebra, (5th ed.)
Abstract Algebra
Modern Abstract Algebra

Beginning Linear Algebra
Linear Algebra, (6th ed.)
Matrix Operations

Geometry, (6th ed.)
Trigonometry, (6th ed.)
Differential Geometry
General Topology

Precalculus, (4th ed.)
Beginning Calculus, (3rd ed.)
Calculus, (6th ed.)
Advanced Calculus, (3rd ed.)
 Schaum's 3,000 Solved Problems in Calculus
Tensor Calculus
Calculus of Finite Differences and Difference Equations
Partial Differential Equations
Fourier Analysis with Applications to Boundary Value Problems
Laplace Transforms

College Mathematics, (4th ed.)
Mathematics for Liberal Arts Majors

Complex Variables, (2nd ed.)

Discrete Mathematics, Revised (3rd ed.)
Beginning Finite Mathematics
Group Theory
Probability, Random Variables, and Random Processes, (4th ed.)
Probability, (2nd ed.)
Introduction to Probability and Statistics
Statistics, (6th ed.)
Elements of Statistics I: Descriptive Statistics and Probability
Elements of Statistics II: Inferential Statistics
Set Theory and Related Topics
Numerical Analysis
Logic, (2nd ed.)
Graph Theory: Including Hundreds of Solved Problems
Finite Element Analysis

Mathematica, (3rd ed.)

Basic Mathematics for Electricity and Electronics
Boolean Algebra and Switching Circuits

Mathematics for Physics Students
Lagrangian Dynamics
Continuum Mechanics
Basic Mathematics with Applications to Science and Technology, (2nd ed.)

Statistics for Engineers
Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists
Physics for Engineering and Science, (4th ed.)
Thermodynamics for Engineers, (4th ed.)
Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics
Engineering Mechanics: Statics

College Physics, (12th ed.)
Modern Physics
Beginning Physics I: Mechanics and Heat
Beginning Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism, Optics, Modern Physics
 Schaum's 3,000 Solved Problems in Physics

Electromagnetics, (5th ed.)
Electronic Devices and Circuits, (2nd ed.)

Strength of Materials, (7th ed.)
Statics and Mechanics of Materials
Statics and Strength of Materials

Applied Physics, (4th ed.)
Physical Science
Mechanical Vibrations
Structural Steel Design
Fluid Dynamics
Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics, (4th ed.)
Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics, (4th ed.)
Heat Transfer, (2nd ed.)
Basic Electricity, (2nd ed.)


Quantum Mechanics, (2nd ed.)

College Chemistry
Biochemistry, (3rd ed.)
Thermodynamics With Chemical Applications
Physical Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry

Biology, (5th ed.)
Microbiology, (2nd ed.)
Molecular and Cell Biology
Genetics, (5th ed.)

Physics for Pre-Med, Biology, and Allied Health Students
General, Organic, and Biochemistry for Nursing and Allied Health, (2nd ed.)
Mathematics for Nurses
Medical Terminology
Maternal-Newborn Nursing
Pediatric Nursing
Medical-Surgical Nursing
ECG Interpretation
Psychiatric Nursing
Nursing Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests

Introduction to Psychology
Statistics in Psychology

Mathematical Methods for Business and Economics
Calculus for Business, Economics, and The Social Sciences
Introduction to Mathematical Economics, (3rd ed.)
Mathematics of Finance, (2nd ed.)
Statistics and Econometrics, (2nd ed.)
Business Statistics, (4th ed.)
Beginning Statistics, (2nd ed.)

Financial Accounting, (2nd ed.)
Managerial Accounting, (2nd ed.)
Intermediate Accounting I, (2nd ed.)
Intermediate Accounting II, (2nd ed.)
Bookkeeping and Accounting, (4th ed.)
Principles of Accounting I, (5th ed.)
Principles of Accounting II

Financial Management, (3rd ed.)

Principles of Economics, (2nd ed.)
Microeconomics, (4th ed.)
International Economics

Operations Research
Operations Management

Electrical Power Systems
Electric Machines & Electromechanics
Basic Electrical Engineering

Electric Circuits, (7th ed.)
Electrical Circuits, (6th ed.) (ebook)
Basic Circuit Analysis, (2nd ed.)

Signals and Systems, (4th ed.)
Digital Signal Processing, (2nd ed.)

Feedback and Control Systems, (3rd ed.)

Digital Principles
Introduction to Digital Systems

Essential Computer Mathematics
Principles of Computer Science
Computer Architecture
Operating Systems

Fundamentals of Relational Databases
Fundamentals of SQL Programming

Computer Networking


Computer Graphics (2nd ed.)

Software Engineering
Programming with Java
Data Structures with Java, (2nd ed.)
Visual Basic
Programming with C++
Fundamentals of Computing with C++
Programming with C
Programming With Fortran 77

Reinforced Concrete Design
Punctuation, Capitalization & Spelling
Introductory Surveying

Chinese Grammar
Chinese Vocabulary
English Grammar, (3rd ed.)
French Grammar, (7th ed.)
French Vocabulary
German Grammar, (6th ed.)
German Vocabulary, (3rd ed.)
Italian Grammar (4th ed.)
Italian Vocabulary, (2nd ed.)
Japanese Grammar
Japanese Vocabulary
Latin Grammar
Russian Grammar, (3rd ed.)
Russian Vocabulary
Spanish Grammar, (7th ed.)
Spanish Vocabulary (5th ed.)


The simplest and easiest way to eliminate pain and suffering in humans and animals is to eliminate, or render inoperative, all pain receptors either through breeding or drugs. Why is nobody talking about this? (Probably because its considered to be a military secret).

Two worlds

The Bizarro World we live in is split between the empirical and the nonempirical. Between the visible and the invisible. Everything that is decent and compassionate and rational (and sexual) belongs to and remains in the invisible part of the world.

One world is all-good and the other is all-bad. But neither world by itself is conducive to life.


See also: Wikipedia:List of deities by classification

If you can see them then they can see you.



gaming computer



Classical Hollywood cinema:

Years Title
(1948-1971) The Ed Sullivan Show
(1950-1958) The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show
(1950-1967) The Garry Moore Show
(1950-1965) The Jack Benny Show
(1952-1970) The Jackie Gleason Show
(1953-1964) The Danny Thomas Show
(1953-1971) The Loretta Young Show
(1956-1964) The Steve Allen Show
(1958-1966) The Donna Reed Show
(1960-1968) The Andy Griffith Show
(1961-1966) The Dick Van Dyke Show
(1962-1968) The Lucy Show
(1962-1986) The Merv Griffin Show
(1963–1966) The Patty Duke Show
The switch to color happened around this time
(1965–1966) The John Forsythe Show
(1967-1969) The Joey Bishop Show
(1967-1978) The Carol Burnett Show
(1968-1996) The Dick Cavett Show
(1970-1977) The Mary Tyler Moore Show
(1971-1974) The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour
What's Wrong With Chastity (1969)
(1972–1973) The Paul Lynde Show
(1972–1978) The Bob Newhart Show
(1975) The Bob Crane Show
(1976-1977) The Sonny and Cher Show
(1984-1992) The Cosby Show
(1988) The Van Dyke Show
(1991–2003) The Jenny Jones Show
(1993–1996) The John Larroquette Show
(1994–1995) The George Carlin Show
(1995–1997) The Jeff Foxworthy Show
(1996–2001) The Jamie Foxx Show
(1996–2002) The Steve Harvey Show
(1999-2002) The Amanda Show
(2001–2006) The Bernie Mac Show
(2007–2009) The Bill Engvall Show

The Producers (1967 film)

Helen Keller

X-Files: Synchrony

The Incredible Hulk
The Name of the Rose
After Hours

Is That All There Is?

Back to the Future

Dirk Gently

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